What is WaterDMD?

DMD in WaterDMD is for Data Model and Decisions. This research group is interested in developing:

  • methods to acquire data from engineered and natural systems  
  • data-driven and mechanistic models to understand and simulate complicated systems
  • interfaces to present information for actionable decision making

Saurav has moved from TA&M to Arizona State University. With this move WaterDMD now lives in both Tempe (Phoenix), AZ and EL Paso. In El Paso we are based at Texas A&M AgriLife Research. Our focus has been on water in the urban and agricultural sectors. The group collects data from unmanned aircraft-based systems [see SITS, Thermal, and HS projects], on-ground sensor networks [see water balance], open and commercial satellite data [see BMP] to develops and drive models [see SMITUV, Rio Grande Models]. We also develop user interfaces that make decision-making smarter [see TRS tool, OCCVIZ, grower tools].


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