Total maximum daily load (TMDL) reports archived in the USEPA database can provide useful guidance for the development of new TMDLs and watershed management plans by aiding the selection process for the most appropriate modeling tool. The database contains more than 70,000 individual documents; therefore, a rapid screening tool is needed to elicit information about previous modeling studies that might help guide stakeholders and regulators in dealing with the TMDL application at hand, save time, and lead to a more cost-effective regulatory outcome. TMDL report selection tool ( is a web-based software tool for TMDL report selection based on different water management criteria. The tool uses an automated search method based on the frequency of common water body impairments and models to categorize and select TMDL reports. Additionally, this tool provides better insight into the relationship between the modeling tools used and the impairments they address. This tool has proven useful in reviewing the state of integrated modeling (IM), applications of remote sensing (RS), application of basic versus mechanistic modeling, margin of safety (MOS) assessment, and the state of practice regarding relationships among impairments, models, and regions where TMDLs for various pollutants are being developed. 

This tool is updated and maintained by our group. 

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This work is supported by the USDA NIFA (Hatch project 1022633) and ASCE EWRI .



The tool was developed in collaboration with ASCE EWRI TMDL Analysis and Modeling Task Committee

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